RMNP_Aug2011_070-smlCommunications, PR, media, crisis response, stakeholder relations, social media strategy. It is a vital part of any business plan. It provides a look ahead and guideposts along the way. Without a communication plan, business cannot succeed. Is yours working?

  • Did you know? In a crisis situation, you may be required by law to communicate to the public what happened and what you are doing about it.

Effective communications is elemental to successful business. It requires the skill of an experienced professional who knows the industry, the audience and how to reach it.

Public relations is about connecting. Find the connection and keep it tight and strong. Your success depends on it.

  • Make that connection; give your customers a reason to remember you. It is that important.

Public relations

Successful public relations is simply a clear strategy for achieving your goal.

  • Start by describing your business and the people you must reach;
  • Create a map for getting there;
  • Get down to work;
  • In time, step back and review the results;
  • Make the next program even better.

Not rocket science, but it requires listening and follow through.

Stakeholder relations

Every part of your business has stakeholders. Local government, business groups, community organizations and the members of your team. No project can succeed without stakeholder connections. Inform, educate and build support. Reach out to them before an unexpected turn pulls you in.

Crisis communications

Before an incident, you must plan and practice your response. It is not optional. Some industries are required by law to include communications in their crisis response plan. Failure to communicate can aggravate penalties and delay settlements.

  • When a crisis hits, it’s too late to worry over what to say or who to say it.

A crisis communications plan protects your business.

Professional services

In our Digital Age, information delays and weak messages are not tolerated. Your business future depends on what you say and how you say it. A skilled, experienced communications professional is a valuable asset for any business.

Dan Larson is a communications professional with the knowledge, the knack and the imagination to resolve your toughest business communications challenges. Contact him today.

Smart business people know the value of effective communications.