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Published Articles

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March 2019
Austin Chalk Draws Interest in Litigious Louisiana
December 2018
Setback Campaign Unites Colorado Industry
November 2018
As New Mexico Oil Industry Flourishes, State Thrives
October 2018
Energy Summit & COGA Meeting Preview
September 2018
Shale Expansion Fills New Mexico Coffers
July 2018
New Mexico Oil Production Raises State Ranking
June 2018
Colorado Session Called Difficult, but Productive
TOGA Seeks Sev-Tax Revenue Redirected to Counties
May 2018
Kentucky Oil & Gas Group Sees Success for Its Agenda
April 2018
Tennessee Industry Poised for Market Revival
March 2018
Colorado Issues IM Regs for Flowlines
February 2018
Local Control Disputes Abound
Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry Sees Renewal

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Shale Play Water Management

March/April 2019
Editor: March/April 2019
By Dan Larson
Start-up Turns Mountains of Water Data into High-value Solutions

January/February 2019
Editor: January/February 2019
Magazine archive
By Dan Larson
Landmark Water Study Revisited

November/December 2018
Editor: November/December 2018
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September/October 2018
EPA, New Mexico Agree to Joint Produced Water Study

January/February 2016
Editor’s Note and Feature Article:
Water Wisdom: Mapping Platform & Water Rights
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2014 / 2015
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Greeley Tribune

Business, Aug. 26, 2018
5 Things I Learned at the Energy Summit

Business, July 29, 2018
Oil Outlook: Top of Cycle or New Plateau?

Business, June 24, 2018
Mineral Owners Have More Options Than They Realize
Stable Prices Drive DJ Basin Oil Production Higher

Business, May 26, 2018
Drillers Turn to Technology to Corral Well Noise

Energy Pipeline, May 2018
Ongoing Dialogue Key to Company’s Community Success

Energy Pipeline April 2018
Tipping the Scales: Balance Test Under Review
Executive Profile: Angie Binder, Colorado Petroleum Association

Energy Pipeline February 2018
Colorado Air Quality Rules for Oil & Gas Tightened, Again

News, January 20, 2018
Commission Postpones Flowline Ruling

Energy Pipeline January 2018
Colorado Conundrum: More People, More Conflict

Energy Pipeline December 2017
Growth Returns to DJ, but at Slower Pace

Energy Pipeline November 2017
Digital Oilfield Finally Comes Together; BP Adapts VR for Oilfield

Energy Pipeline October 2017
Prime the Pump: New Players in the DJ

Energy Pipeline September 2017
Industry Insight Column: Why Gasoline Prices Are Low

Energy Pipeline August 2017
Oil Development Bulls-eye on Delaware Basin

Energy Pipeline July 2017
Health Impacts Study Finds Risk Low
Is Colorado Big Enough for Two Royalty Owner Groups?
Executive Interview: Neil Ray, President of CAMRO

Energy Pipeline June 2017
Weld County Expands Notice Rules on New Development

Energy Pipeline May 2017
COGCC Responds to Spacing Unit Protests

Energy Pipeline March 2017
Weld County, CO, Oil Production to Rebound
Colorado Ozone Plan Nears Finish

Energy Pipeline February 2017
Colorado Methane Regulations: Moving on Leaks but Dinged on Tank Emissions

2015 / 2016
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Lightweighting World

January/February 2018
Plastics Innovations
November/December 2017
Thoughtful Innovation: Toyota Steers Toward Global Standardization
September/October 2017
BMW: Flexibility to OEM Leadership
May/June 2017
Casting Ahead: Die-cast Magnesium Gaining Favor

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January 10, 2014