Mountains of Data into Informed Decisions

Publication: Shale Play Water Management Issue: March / April 2019 By Dan Larson A Denver-based startup has found success providing operators and water service companies with up-to-date field data on the role water plays in the oilfield presented in a familiar graphic format. This timely information helps drive informed decisions and avoid expensive surprises. The […]

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Austin Chalk Draws Interest in Litigious Louisiana

Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter March 2019 By Dan Larson After enduring years in litigation’s shadow, the long, proud history of Louisiana energy production may be on teh verge of  a revival in the Austin Chalk. Renewed interest in the Austin Chalk formation, the latest twists in ongoing legal action and increased Haynesville Shale […]

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EPA, New Mexico Agree to Joint Produced Water Study

Publication: Shale Play Water Management Issue: September / October 2018 By Dan Larson As oil and natural gas development in Southeast New Mexico rapidly increases, the technology and techniques for treating produced water have outpaced many federal regulations aimed at protecting water supplies from what was long considered a waste byproduct. This summer, following months […]

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