Colorado Oil & Gas Ahead of Curve for ESG Reporting

Empowering Colorado Posted February 21, 2021 Investors are demanding insight into more than just financials from oil and gas companies. They also seek comparisons of a company‚Äôs risk in a low-carbon future, its environmental impact, exposure to potential hazards and support for communities. Colorado companies have a head start on meeting and measuring these standards […]

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Charting a New Flooring Course

By Dan Larson RV News, February 2021 Faced with an RV flooring market that flipped, almost overnight, from carpeting to resilient flooring, the head of an industry-leading supplier changed the company’s heading and now sees smooth sailing ahead. Read about how Bill Watters, president of Syntec Industries, rode the wave of transition and now supplies […]

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RV/Auto Dealer Prepared for ‘Normal Now’

A the virus-related lockdowns eased, an Ohio dealer who operates both an RV and a car/truck dealership, was prepared for anxious customers lined-up or online ready to make a move. Understanding the similarities and differences between the two business types, the leadership team relies on custom vehicle data software to project and prepare for what […]

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