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Reviving a passion for solid, well-sourced journalism, Dan is back at the keyboard and working the phones as a freelance writer and editor. He’s believes good stories are where you find them and too often they go untold.

Stories about resources, technology at work and the intersection of business and markets. All too often, the story of conflicts between companies, regulators and communities is told by those with a damaging agenda. Some stories are told in a day while others unfold over weeks and months. In the end, these stories are about people, from industry leaders to fiery activists and determined experts, who each believe deeply in what they are doing.

When these stories are overlooked or worse, left in the hands of opponents or the ill-informed, business gets stopped in its tracks.

What about your story? You need someone who gets it. Whether it’s defining a business goal, informing customers of the benefits of applied technology or just making sense of modern life, Dan can help. Give him a call today.