About Dan

Creative, Reliable, Perceptive, Professional

A skillful communicator with extensive, relevant experience and a record of success.

Dan Larson knows business. He knows how to tell an interesting story for the right audience. For more than three decades he’s been right in the middle of vital industries making critical decisions. Dan is a quick-study; he’s a results-oriented professional who keeps pace with today’s business world while seeing the context that got us here.

He understands work and how opportunity turns into business that flows through the community like a river, spreading prosperity and enriching the quality of life.

For more than half a decade, Dan Larson Communications has provided smart public relations and independent journalism for respected publications, for innovative entrepreneurs and for best-in-class business leaders.

Contact Dan today to discuss your business goals, communications challenges or that project that you’ve been meaning to finish. He is the creative, reliable, informed professional you need tell your story the right way to more people. Contact info.