Mountains of Data into Informed Decisions

Publication: Shale Play Water Management
Issue: March / April 2019
By Dan Larson

A Denver-based startup has found success providing operators and water service companies with up-to-date field data on the role water plays in the oilfield presented in a familiar graphic format. This timely information helps drive informed decisions and avoid expensive surprises.

The year-old company has found a spot “building data and analytical solutions at the nexus of water, land, and people,” says Kelly Bennett, co-founder and president of B3.

The company invested time and capital in aggregating data from more than 500 different sources ranging from federal, state and local regulatory agencies to conservation districts, non-profits and legal filings. Starting with electronic filings in 15 different digital formats and sometimes image files of hand-written permit applications, B3 “provides the user with clean, curated datasets that can be tracked back to the original record,” he said.

As a result, “better decisions come from better access to information and data,” Bennett said.

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