Noise Is Universal and Can Be Managed

Publication: Greeley Tribune
Date: May 26, 2018
By Dan Larson

Drilling and completing an oil and gas well is a noisy business. The motors, pumps and equipment all make noise, which neighbors usually consider a nuisance for the operator to manage.

Lately, the oil and gas industry has made tremendous strides in reducing noise generated during the 24 hours of daily operation at a busy well site. There also have been remarkable advances in technology and in the techniques for corralling unwanted sound and isolating it from those living and working nearby.

More than simply putting up the familiar beige sound walls, the science of acoustic engineering now includes specialized detector arrays that can paint an impage of the sources of noise that travel furthest and generate the most complaints. And, advances in sound barriers and noise absorption allow the operator to reposition sound walls during the various stages of well development for maximum noise mitigation.

To learn about the latest developments in this specialized segment of oilfield services, we contacted Donald Behrens, an a registered sound engineer with more than four decades experience.

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