Wyoming Leads the Way in Sage Grouse Management

Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Issue: September 2017

By Dan Larson

Wyoming is leading the way in sorting through the complex and controversial issue of species management for the sage grouse and regulators around the country are recognizing the effort, according to speakers at the state’s annual convention in Casper in August.

The two-day event, Aug. 15 and 16, at the Ramkota Hotel in Casper, highlighted the progress the state has made in developing a management plan for sage grouse and the challenges it still faces in ironing out the complications that come with it, they said.

Sage Grouse Expertise

The ongoing controversy surrounding management of sage grouse protections was discussed throughout the convention, with several speakers recounting their experiences developing policy as well as the ill-informed views of those not familiar with the issue.

Bob Budd, the executive director of the state Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust introduced himself at the Public Lands Committee session, Budd recalled first experiences with the bird through a volunteer position on an ad hoc committee set up in 1999.

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